Eating Animals


I know that everyone is frothing at the mouth and loins to get the latest gems of wisdom from the mind of Mase, but WordPress has been finnicky lately. I’m trying to fix formatting errors and I’m getting the posts for this week ready. You can expect posts on the following this week:

1) Well Dressed Burrito (Dupont)

2) California Tortilla (Gallery Pl., not California)

3) Taqueria Distrito Federal (Columbia Heights)

In the meantime, enjoy these delicious looking burritos.

Burrito Puppy


2 thoughts on “Eating Animals

  1. Doggfather

    Mase, this blog is a ray of sunshine in my otherwise cloudy life. You just achieved home page status on my work computer, personal laptop, iphone, and special computer I keep next to my bed for alone time.

    I look forward to commenting avidly.

    Vaya con Dios, me amigo.

    -Tha Doggfather


  2. Ila

    All the spanish talk confuses me but the pictures are enjoyable. You should contact a local paper and have your stuff published. A guy did that in my area with philly cheesesteaks. however burritos are less american than cheesesteaks so you could face backlash and riots.


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