Not quite a tuxedo, but twas a good burrito (Well Dressed Burrito)


I love terrible puns!

Much like the members of the Real World DC, this hole in the wall Mexican joint can be found in an alley off 19th street. It was at this location that the Bonesaw and I launched Pino de Gallo with our first field visit. On this dreary Friday, we turned to man’s comfort food…. the burrito.
This spot features a daily special called…. wait for it…“The Well Dressed Burrito,” ($6.25, about $7 w/ taxes) so I figured I might as well get the titular burrito on my first visit. The special came with ground beef and the usual fixin’s of lettuce, rice, nacho cheese, and beans. The friendly woman behind the counter asked me which kind of salsa I would like. Being the man that I am, and seeing as I am always looking for something to put some hair on my chest because it gives me more legitimacy when I shout “Bully!”, I opted for the hot salsa. The Bonesaw warned me that unlike other places, the hot salsa at WDB was in fact… hot. Of course I have to heed the Bonesaw’s warning… the man has a great beard and is fresh off of two years of backpacking and organ trafficking in China… he’s a worldly individual.
The Well Dressed Burrito

The Well Dressed Burrito

 The rice I found to be mediocre and somewhat under proportioned. The queso was great, but there was not enough of it. The lettuce was fresh and crisp, but like the Kardashians, it was everywhere I turned and I couldn’t get a break from it. The ground beef was not too dry, but also not particularly flavorful. The burrito came grilled which gave it more structural integrity, but I prefer a steamed burrito because it makes it prevents dryness and has a richer taste. The habanero (spicy) salsa was delicious and in fact spicy.  The mild salsa was salsa verde, a personal favorite, but WDB’s was only slightly above average if that. It was a bit too… milky (in terms of texture), but had decent flavor nonetheless. The medium salsa, which they were out of at the time, is a nice chipotle salsa, which apparently has received the Bonesaw’s mumbley seal of approval. Good enough for me.
If I could improve on the burrito, I would increase the queso and seasoning of the meat, while shifting the rice/lettuce ratios a bit. Finally, I would put the salsa in the burrito rather than as a side dish. One of the best qualities of a burrito is that it is entirely self-contained… or should be anyways. It’s like a submarine, but instead of torpedoing battleships, it torpedos HUNGER! (And sadness. And loneliness. And really almost any ailment.)
The Well Dressed Burrito is a great lunchtime stop in Dupont Circle. If I lived or worked closer, I would definitely be a regular customer. Their burritos are not groundbreaking or Earth shattering, but the ingredients are quality and the prices are reasonable. This has definitely resulted in its popularity in the area, and it is well deserved. To you, The Well Dressed Burrito, I tip my sombrero thrice. (3 out of 5)
Location info:
1220 19th St. NW
M-F 11:45 am – 2:15 pm

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