I’ll have sour cream, beans, salsa…. and infant?


In conversation, when I am describing a large burrito, I often put it in terms of infant size. I usually hold my hands up about a foot apart, then put it up to my stomach to demonstrate how much space a child (or in this case… a burrito) takes up, and then go on to describe me owning the aforementioned burrito. But never have I actually confused a burrito for a child. Apparently Wal-Mart serves plus size burritos! (Probably to make their customers feel at home)

ONLY a burrito?! Well, did you save it?

 Thanks to Ry-Guy for the link!


2 thoughts on “I’ll have sour cream, beans, salsa…. and infant?

  1. Nate

    Two questions:

    1) who has legal right to the burrito in this situation? can anyone with a law degree provide insight?

    2) in the time in between realizing there was a baby in the trash can and the police confirming that it was “only a burrito”, did the anonymous tipster:
    a) stand guard in front of the trash can, but not disturb the “baby’s” slumber
    b) continue with their walmart purchasing
    c) put a sign on the trash can stating “warning: child in trash can (oh, and if it turns out to really be a burrito, I got dibs)”
    c) call their lawyer to discuss child/burrito custody scenarios



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