A sternly worded letter….


As most of you know, I am currently a resident of (y)our nation’s capital, Washington District of Columbia. In our delightful little city, we have a semi-professional basketball team: The Washington Wizards (they’ve got uniforms and everything!). About a month ago, I attended a game at the Verizon Center and was not happy with the service (the basketball, not the cell phone; best 3G network in the country!). I decided to put fingers to keyboard and pen to paper to express my dissatisfaction with my experience in the most effective way besides online petitions: letter writing!

I explained who I am and the situation I encountered to the Director of Burrito Operations at the Washington Wizards organization, and I cc’d Chipotle, so they were also aware of the transgression. I printed out and included a copy of my Chipotle review in both envelopes. Below is a picture of the letter and a link to the pdf.

When I hear a response from the Wizards, I will scan that and post it here as well. Enjoy!

letter to wiz


One thought on “A sternly worded letter….

  1. crindy

    i can vouch for your experience, seeing as i sat right next to you and witnessed the entire thing. burritos went flying left and right, and none of them in our direction. that’s racial discrimination! i’m glad you followed up with your “strongly worded letter” and hope you they give you a free burrito. i think the only thing missing from your letter is your own trademarked mase pino de gallo letterhead. get on that.


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