Burrito King – Anchorage Alaska


There's no democracy in the Great North

Editor’s note: We welcome back to the program Mabeuf! This was a review he wrote while stationed in a campaign in Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Thankfully he took time out of his busy schedule to set a distance record for Pino de Gallo. – Mase

Burrito King’s status as an actual ‘King’ is ambiguous at best. Your author is uninformed about the Trademark status of the phrase. At last check, 15 male porn stars had competing claims on the phrase and our benevolent judicial system has yet to weigh in on the dispute. A harder case for judicial reform would be difficult to erect.

Burrito King is a newer establishment. Its claim to the throne of burritos was clear from birth. After all it was conceived by Alaska’s undisputed royalty of Mexican take out chains, Taco King. Hereditary rule is clearly the only system of governance fit for the Mexican fast food industry. RE: Enchilada King, Emperor Tacos, etc.

We are all witness... to your douchery

Ordering is straightforward. The Burrito King menu features an uninspired variety of plate style burritos.

As a quick commentary on the flat-top burrito… These things are despicable. What could you possibly put on top of a burrito that you can’t put inside it? This is like putting a duvet cover on your limited edition Jeff Gordon coffee table. Using some hexagonal trash granny knitted to cover a crooked smile built by years of motor oil powered white knuckle thrill rides and smooth cheeks with a texture found only in a fresh pack of Hanes A-Shirt’s is a crime. Straight up criminal.

You should immediately judge every flat-top burrito you ever see on a menu. Judge them like the dude who wears a LeBron Heat jersey while giving a speech about ‘sticking with the team’ to the Cleveland Chamber of Commerce.

If your red/green/pico/hollandaise sauce/Chris’ World Famous Tomatillo Chipotle sauce does not belong inside the burrito, then it does not belong on the plate. If you respectfully or disrespectfully disagree with me, order the enchiladas.

Back to the story… Despite being burrito royalty, ‘The King’ only served up five burritos (Chicken or beef): Deluxe, Veggie, King, Small Soft or Taco.

Blackberry: the new meter stick

The difference between Deluxe and King appeared to be onions and cilantro. Astounding.

Your author got the signature King Burrito, within his awkward dietary restrictions of course.

Years of buying nothing at the supermarket but pretzels and Peeps left me unprepared for what I experienced next… heft. Straight up heft, this plastic bag felt like carrying a Harry Potter book and its attached 13 year-old reader.

For readers,

Pictured: Mabeuf waiting to get his burrito

I was disappointed with my trip to Burrito King and was not particularly excited about consuming it. However a combination of a 10 minute side-trip to buy Civilization 5 at Fred Meyer’s and Anchorage’s first 30 degree night left me feeling like Charles Barkley at the craps table… insatiable.

To start the burrito I took the guac off the top and tried to eat this bad boy vertically. Instant failure. The burrito is poorly wrapped and clearly meant to rest on the styrofoam like a beached whale. Forced to resort to my plastic fork and knife (place did not have sporks, I asked) I dug in.

The results were off-putting. The chicken is dry. Likely the result of a batch made early in the day and left to bake under the heat lamp all day. The red sauce in the burrito was reminiscent of ketchup. The burrito had no veggies. Zero. It was packing nothing but beans, dry meat, some onions and sauce. We are talking Sunday morning flea market style.

My favorite part of any burrito, the guac, was uninspired. It had a fleck of tomatoes in it and no spice. Green foam is an adequate description.

I built an armada of sauces from the salsa bar, but these failed to save this beached Wright Whale from a sandy demise.

Much as the Sacramento Kings have never ascended to the NBA’s proverbial throne, Burrito King will never be invited to Burrito All-Star weekend in Las Vegas. They may be given a booth at the fan-fest, but only if they provide their own insurance.

Ultimately, burrito King can stake the same claim to royalty as the UNC frat boy who stood on his balcony this past weekend bellowing “I am the King of the Party.”

Verdict: 1.5/5 Sombreros

Burrito King
111 West 38th Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99503-5652
(907) 569-2900


2 thoughts on “Burrito King – Anchorage Alaska

  1. Well howdy there!

    I just saw your review for Burrito King and I must say I thought it wasn’t very complimentary at all! We mavericks in Alaska would like to think our Mexican food is just like our anti-Russian defense: better than it needs to be. After a long day of making sure Gorbachev doesn’t send a squadron of MiG’s to bomb Wasilla, I like to settle into Burrito King and, after making sure the kitchen staff all have the necessary papers, enjoy the fruits of their minimum-wage-funded labor. We may not be close to Mexico, but I keep them near to my heart, as long as they promise not to drop any anchor babies on my soul.

    Sarah “The Only Difference Between My Mouth and my Vagina is That Only Some of the Things That Come Out of My Vagina Are Retarded” Palin


  2. The food isn’t half bad. The rice is crap, the beans are out of a can, bt they know how to cook some meat. Nothing amazing. They are the only mexican that delivers.

    I had went through their drive through, to order food. Come home to find out Both orders are COMPLETELY wrong. Ok simple fix, i call them, they get their food give me my real order. At this point its 830pm. I had a 5am kind of day, none stop busy, havent eaten… im really hungry. Somewhat cranky.

    Anyway, I call to have them resolve the issue, i ask for a manager, of course there isnt one around to help. However the call center has the restaurant # so i call it. I ask for a manager and, yet again, of course he had just walked out and cant assist me because he wont be back anytime soon, so the employee who answered the phone askes me if there is anything he can assist with. Not in those words, bt pretty much.

    We spend the next 3 min arguing about what i had said to him in the window, when i assure you i asked for different things. Besides the point, he continues to Convince me that i am wrong, and the food i have is what i have. I tell him to learn english, and hang up.

    I call the Telephone Center and again ask if a manager is available. Again, management is unavailable but the man who answered my call, he is in charge. I try and speak to him about the level of disrespect i felt as a consumer who 2x a week orders from their establishment. He insists that i need to call another time and that what had happened there isn’t anything he can do at the moment.

    I really dont know what “Food Shack” thinks they will survive with those kind of employees and mediocre food.

    If you want something better, just go to taco bell.
    If you want something authentic, Go to hacienda on Debar.


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