Now the Official* Burrito Blog of the Washington Wizards!



Some of you may remember the sternly worded letter I wrote to the Baltimore Bullets Washington Wizards “basketball” team. I will spare you the details, but I highly recommend you go back and read it. I’ll wait…

Welcome back. This resulted in the busiest day in Pino de Gallo history when I received a prompt response from the Director of Burrito Operations (DBO). His letter, and a breakdown of it, is posted here: Please go ahead and skim through that. Again… I’ll wait.

Man, you’re a slow reader. So a little while ago, I followed up with the DBO about when we could go. The day finally came, and with giddy, childlike excitement, Mabeuf, Jimmy James, Bonesaw, and yours truly headed down to the Verizon Center. There were pangs of nerves and hunger. We took plenty of pictures and I’m going to include some of the tweets I sent out during the game. (Tweets!)


Bonesaw & Jimmy - Top Notch Artists

Pregame Meal

The Javale McGee support system

Tweet: “Are you guys going to be embarassed if I start shouting ‘here we go wizards, here we go!’?” – Jimmy; the answer? Yes, we would be.

Much more picante up close
Also more picante up close
Nick “Forever” Young has never seen a shot he didn’t like

Tweet: Wow, the Director of Burrito Operations came through! Great seats! “HD doesn’t do Nick Young’s afro justice!” -Mabeuf
Tweet: Our first Epic Jafail moment… stupid goaltend. Then Nick “Forever” Youn drains a 3. Crowd around us not appreciating our signs… yet.

Although I didn't take this pic, I did see this in person

Tweet: Al Thornton just brought the house down with a RI-DIC-U-LOUS dunk!!


Burrito delivery service courtesy of G-Wiz

The guy on the left is the guy they planted to give us our burritos. We have no idea if we were on the Jumbotron because we were so excited at the prospect of burritos. My favorite part is the really confused guy in the Superman shirt. Not so super now, are you?

Burrito on the court!

Like Three Musketeers, but much more delicious

Tweet: So far Mabeuf & Bonesaw seem to have chicken burritos. My first 3 bites have been rice & beans.
Tweet: Ok, found the chicken! Delicious!

Living the dream

Lookin' good...


Sharing is caring!


Engrossed in the.... game... right

Tweet: “Wow, what a surprise: Mase finished his burrito before the rest of us got halfway through ours.” -Bonesaw. That’s why I run a burrito blog.

Better than the game

Tweet: “Ha there’s a kid w/ a signed Wes Unseld Bullets jersey in front of us. He must be a big Bul- uh Wiz- uh… DC basketball fan.” – Mabeuf


Sweet signed Wes Unseld jersey, bro

He's the foundation of our Yi-fense!

Tweet: Kiss cam may be my favorite part of every wizards game. Any way we could do this every quarter?
And with that, a bunch of white people on dance cam. Second favorite non-burrito related activity at a Wizards game.


The little white kids are funny because they get awkwardly excited & dance like they're having a seizure


Uh-oh, I think it's time to go...

Final Tweet: Uber successful trip to the game. Al Thornton’s career best dunk, a sweet Javale dunk, a 99-92 Wiz loss & burritos delivered to our seats

So, as you can see, it was a fantastic evening that exceeded our every expectations. I would like to thank the Wizards organization and the Director of Burrito Operations. Guess we can call it even now.

But wait! My beer wasn’t filled up to the top. This will not stand….


Mase & G-man. Boomtown.


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