Dinner & quick words from Coach


My prowess is not limited to the written word

This was my dinner two nights ago. Ingredients were as follows:

– Crock pot cooked carnitas made from some pork I bought at the farmers’ market (buy local!)
– Goya yellow rice cooked in chicken broth
– Whole Foods fresh guacamole (a-ma-zing)
– Organic spicy refried beans
– Pico de gallo with added corn
– Wrapped in a Mission flour tortilla
– Wash it down with a Red Strip tall boy

Me after two burritos - fat, adorable, and asleep

Ended up being a little bit drippy, but on the second one I ate (yes, I ate two of these), I made sure to drain off the extra. It was delicious, but I really needed a steamer and a larger tortilla. I’d give it 3.5 sombreros, if I do say so myself.

In other news, Peter Gett aka “Soft G” aka Coach, purveyor of http://www.PeterGett.com, went to a Burritup (meet up with burritos; clever eh?) organized via Twitter   in Boston. It included Boloco and Anna’s Taqueria burritos. He wrote up a quick review PdG style on his blog. Check it out at: The Burritup. Excerpt below –

Last Thursday my lovely fiance Ari and I attended the third annual Burritup, an event that celebrates burritos and the power of social media to bring people together (but mostly burritos). It was organized by NH native and all-around legendary event planner Christine Major, and was held in two locations; Boloco on the Common and Anna’s Taqueria near the Charles/MGH stop on the Red Line. Before a review of the event, I’ll throw in a quick burrito review for both venues so my friend Tom Pino of Pino de Gallo can use this post for his own personal gain.

Boloco – The special deal for Burritup attendees at Boloco was to get two mini burritos and a drink for $5, a heck of a deal if I do say so myself. I went with a Goloco, which is a burrito that one can completely customize, instead of something off the normal menu.

Read the rest! 


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