There is a rotating group of writers who contribute to Pino de Gallo. Here’s a little bit about each one.

Mase – The primary author and creator of Pino de Gallo. He’s known for his sharp wit, off-color jokes. The story of how PdG came to be can be found here:

Little Peen – The younger brother of Mase, he’s often been called the Windows Vista to Mase’s Windows XP. Little Peen is a young and bright eyed as he writes and eats his way through the burrito world. Under the watchful eye of Mase, Little Peen headed the Boston Bureau of PdG before relocating to the District o’ Columbia to become a the male Zoe Barnes heading up the blog D St. Politics. 


He sure loves America

Mabeuf – This wild and crazy bespectled individual grew up in the Lone Star state before packing up his few possession and moving to the final frontier… Alaska. When Mabeuf became weary of drunkenly hunting for bears and sniping wolves from helicopters, he returned to the contiguous United States and now partially resides in DC when he’s not traveling doing field research for Pino de Gallo.


One thought on “Authors

  1. Cal_tort_4_lyfe

    Doesn’t “author” imply written work? Where are the Little Peen posts? Or did he just put his name on this thing to lend some credibility?


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