The Pino de Gallo Revival


Good news everyone! The polar vortex bankrupted my company and I’m out of a job. No, seriously, it really happened. The Washington Post even wrote about it.

So bad news for Mase is good news for you, because nothing gets the comedic juices flowing like time + tragedy, right? I’m going to shoot to post once every week or every other week and try to be consistent on the day of the week too once I get reviews going again. 

But because I took a 3 year hiatus/sabbatical/bout in rehab, it’s time for me to dust off the cobwebs, shake off the writing rust, and do a little refresher on just what is Pino de Gallo. 

So, what is Pino de Gallo?

The short answer is it’s a blog where I write about burrito related topics from time to time. Generally reviews with stories attached and then judged on a 5 sombrero rating system. A longer answer about it can be found here .

But why burritos?

Seriously? Why not?! You can find my crudely written explanation from 3 years ago of my journey here. I’m sure little has changed and that it’s totally respectable. And lots of very smart and respected people are burrito enthusiasts. Did you know Nate Silver had a burrito blog too?  (I didn’t find this until recently) I’m sure it had lots of fancy advanced metrics that could accurately the bite:fart ratio and whatnot.

Ok, burritos, got it. How do you rate them? Sombreros, huh? Because nothing is tastier than a Mexican straw hat…

While I try to aim for consistency in my rating system, I kind of just wing it. You can find a breakdown of the rating system here:

Got it. Now what have you been doing for the last 3 years? 

Eh… well… ya know… lots of stuff. Dabbling in long distance relationships, corrupting our democracy with money, and totally not playing ultimate frisbee competitively… because that would be really embarrassing! 

Now I’m not going to spend all day rifling through your crappy blog. What should I read?

If you want reviews, I’d click on one of the review tags to the right. Otherwise, I’d highly encourage you to read my exchange with the Washington professional basketball team… my beloved Wiz-ards.
A Sternly Worded Letter
The Wizards Respond

What if I’m a simpleton and a huge fan of low quality tumblrs like “What should we call me” and its ilk? Will there at least be pictures?

Don’t worry your pretty little self, there will be plenty of pictures to light up your $2000 Facebook machine Macbook Pro! How about a retro live blog with twitter feed and pictures? Does that do it for ya?

Oh man, this is old. Has anything else around here changed? 

A few things….

combined_big_unevenbricks (1)

But that’s not a gif? I’d really like this whole blog to be in gif form as that’s generally how I consume my media now…

Anything else?

Yeah, do that social media thing for me please? It’ll make me happy. Thanks.

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Pino de Gallo is 1 year old!


We recently passed the one year anniversary of Pino de Gallo. Just one year and a few days ago, I set out on a mission to find the ultimate burrito. I took my passion for burritos and did what all ambitious (but deep down lazy) young Americans do – I started a blog and forced all my friends to read it. Let’s take a quick look back at this journey.

Site Stats –

It has been a great year, even with my unwanted and unforeseen sabbatical this past fall. Hopefully, I won’t be forced to go through that again until the 2012 election cycle (amongst other things). We still have more in store for the rest of 2011 and you all know that summer is a big burrito eating season for me. A few delicious burritos have been consumed, photographed, and will be reviewed in the upcoming weeks. I will never tire (or get full) in my quest for that elusive 5 sombrero burrito. So despite overwhelming evidence that a 5 sombrero burrito may not exist, I’ll just going to have to keep the faith and keep searching (sound familiar Christians?).





We’re back!


As you may have seen on my gchat status or my Pino de Gallo twitter feed, but today at 11:11 on 1/11/11, I shall post the triumphant return of Pino de Gallo. 2010 was good to us. We launched, had some good posts, and even became a burrito activist and heard back from the Washington Wizards. In 2010, Pino de Gallo received over 5500 hits. Not a bad start, but I am not content with that. Because of a mix of technical difficulties (laptop dying) and my “corporate” job taking over for a few months, combined with a bad case of bloggers block, I was unable to produce. I am going to make this up to you now.

Today at 11:11 AM, I will post a fresh review. Here’s what else we have coming up in the next few weeks:

1) Pica Taco review on Friday 1/14
2) The Boloco E-mails
3) Alaska burrito week brought to you by Mabeuf
4) Texas week, yee-haw!
5) A Boston BUrrito excursion at the hands of Little Peen
6) San Francisco week
7) The much anticipated follow up to the Washington Wizards invitation to Pino de Gallo

Big year, spread the word and stay tuned!


Technical Difficulties!


Hello Burrito fans,

I know you’ve been missing my presence, and while Little Peen is a nice holdover, he’s certainly no Mase. Unfortunately, I’ve hit some technical difficulties. The hard drive died on my laptop, and work has been too busy to do any blogging (sadly, I don’t get paid for this…. yet). A new hard drive is in the mail (thanks, and hopefully I’ll be back up, running, and blogging this weekend. I promise to make it up to you with a flurry of posts in the near future!