Clickhole style internet dump


It’s been a wild week on the internet. The world caught fire when it turned out that an old racist man is still racist and the world was shocked when an old white dude that doesn’t recognize the federal government also turned out to be racist. The girl that was given a fat lip by America’s sweetheart in Superbad, Emma Stone, took it to Jimmy Fallon at this own game in a lip sync battle. After all that, it seemed there was no room on the internet for anything else… the tubes were at capacity!

Or so we thought. And with a nod to The Onion’s upcoming new website, (and with scorn to the websites it’s parodying, let’s call them Buzzworthy and UpFeed), I’ll give you a few quick clicks from the burrito corner of the internet (which I envision as a green pixelated food truck). So get your pointers ready to fill your clickhole!

Despite all that’s going on in the world, this man had the brilliant idea to miniaturize something we love and throw it up on youtube.


I like the look of this burrito. Well crafted, light on the ingredients, but they’re hand selected and I understand it’s a small venue. Tortilla isn’t steamed, but I’ll let that one slide. But that hamster… he’s a fiend! Barely chews, inhales not one but two burritos… I’ve never felt this kind of connection to an animal before. It’s like we were cut from the same tortilla. I also have to give the chef credit on the ambiance of his tiny establishment. (Thank you to the many people who sent me this by the way)

And finally, I’ve enjoyed a good Matthew McConaughey rom-com in my day, although I’m not quite the aficionado that my roommate Hustle Russell is, but I think that most roms and rom-coms could be easily upgraded (and shortened) if they looked more like this. (I refuse to give credit to the source, but let’s just say it rhymes with “Smuzzfeed”)

That’s all for now. I should be back with a review next week.

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